Discussions in Zurich with Siri Hustvedt and Miriam Meckel

Dialogues about society, philosophy and politics
Discussion in English


What is the mind? How does it distinguish itself from the body? Can the mind be reduced to neurones in the brain or not? In her recently published essay entitled “The Delusions of Certainty,” Siri Hustvedt explores the age-old, still unresolved mind-body problem, and underlines just how profoundly significant the various answers to this question are for our understanding of ourselves. In media scholar Miriam Meckel she will encounter a presenter who stipulates in her recently published book, “Mein Kopf gehört mir – Eine Reise durch die schöne neue Welt des Brainhacking” (My head is mine – a journey through the brave new world of brain hacking), that we must remain independent in our heads – as spaces for creativity and private contemplation as well as a refuge for our consciousness – in a time when the tech companies of Silicon Valley are also seeking to gain access to our consciousness.


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