Asma Maroof

Asma Maroof, born 1985, has been deemed one of Los Angeles’ most important DJs, both solo and with Nguzunguzu, her project with Daniel Pineda. Though she has taken the touring route in her career around the world, she’s generally stayed in south LA. While she has many accomplishments as a DJ, Asma’s soundtracks have graced Louis Vuitton and Kenzo runway shows, commercials for Nike and Pantene Pro V, and Julia Meltzer’s documentary Dayla’s Other Country. With filmmaker and frequent collaborator Wu Tsang, she’s scored Into a Space of Love, a piece on house music in NYC, and her short film One Emerging From a Point of View. Asma now lives in Switzerland to work closely with Wu Tsang, Tosh Basco, Josh Johnson, and others as Moved by the Motion on soundscapes for theater at Schauspielhaus Zurich, marking a pivotal point in her career as a composer.