Rosa-Lin Meessen

Rosa-Lin Meessen (*2002) started in 2016 with various theatre courses at the jungen theatre basel.There she also became part of the production "Pool Position" (Suna Gürler and Lucien Haug). In the summer of 2021, she set up the project "splitterkomplex" with nine other young artists and was, among other things, a performer and part of the direction. In 2021/22, Rosa-Lin Meessen was allowed to be part of the theatre year at the Schauspielhaus Zurich and did internships, assistantships and finally developed her own play again with her collaborators. She then performed with her collective "Boccia di Basel" at the Grätsche Festival in Zurich. Her most recent performance was "you can be my crush", which premiered at the Jungendkulturfestival in Basel in early September 2023.

Now Rosa-Lin is part of JJJ here at the Schauspielhaus and is on stage as a player.

For Rosa-Lin, theatre, dance and expression are an important inspiration and source of lust for life and power.