Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson, originally from Calgary, Canada is an inter-disciplinary dance artist working internationally for over 25 years. Stephen’s introduction to movement and performing was through competitive figure skating. He received a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Dance from the University of Calgary. In 2015 at the World “Figure” Championships in Lake Placid, Stephen received the bronze medal. In 2016 he received a Victor Martin-Lynch award from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Choreographic work and collaborations: 2012 NYC Bessie award winning Antigone Sr. (Large) + 2022 Monkey off my back  with Trajal Harrell, Culture Administration & Trembling (2014); Antonija Livingstone, Jennifer Lacey, Dominique Pétrin, Service #5 /Kein Paradiso with Adam Linder recipient of the Mohn Prize at the L.A. Biennial, Make Banana Cry (2017) co-signed with Andrew Tay; Compulsory Figures (2019) co-signed with French visual artist Xavier Veilhan; Fools Gold (2021) with Tobias Koch and Thibault Lac, Apophenia 2022 with Robin Meier, 2004 - 2011 collaborations with Benoit Lachambre.