Seyda Harjo Grahn

Seyda Harjo Grahn has collaborated several times on choreographic projects, amongst them Two possible titles: 1. "Quixotic views on a fanciful critical corps behind the veil of intermediary apocryphal allusion and near the scene." 2. "Intermediary apocryphal allusion with corps behind the scenery and subsidiary definitions for quixotic views on a fanciful critical self.".
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Seyda Harjo Grahn
Waking up, to the question what part of my body doesn’t work today.
Started point shoes at 3 in a living room, went on to work for a few figures at the right age.
Experiences lots and wishes again. 

Casted and staged in: “A huge dog hunting me to destroy me turned into myself in a dream when I was fourteen. That was the first period of going after myself. I saw my isolated mind at peace outside for the first time.
Yet the ratlike faceless figures pursuing have no relation to me or one.”

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