Thelma Buabeng

Thelma Buabeng is a presenter, actress and comedienne. She has been working as an actress for years in cinema, television and on the theater stage. She can be seen in award-winning productions such as Berlin AlexanderplatzBorga and in Karoline Herfurth’s Wunderschön. In Dandelion she plays the journalist Marla Blum. She has been ensemble member at the Schauspielhaus Zurich in the season 2019/20. In 2021 she presented the concert format Open stage Berlin – The Daily Doris for ARTE. In 2022 she was part of the weekly SWR talk show Five Souls, which she hosted together with Hadnet Tesfai and Natasha Kimberly. In her comedy web series Tell me nothing from the horse Thelma Buabeng satirizes racist clichés in various characters. With her “Black Womxn Matter” community, she ensures that the female Afro-German perspective is strengthened in the media and society.