Magda Drozd

Magda Drozd is a Zurich-based sound artist, musician and composer. Her musical approach is experimental and transgressive, utilizing a variety of influences and techniques that combine an electro-acoustic approach of field recordings with violin drones, orchestral passages, choral melodies, fragile voices, noises and various instrumentations to create distinctive soundscapes. Her music has been released on the labels Präsens Editionen and Hallow Ground, and her sound performances and installations have been shown in various institutions in Europe. She regularly tours with her projects, most recently with the album "Viscera".

In addition to her solo work, she works in various constellations, e.g. with Katja Brunner, Laura Pugno, Zaira Oram or Nicola Genovese. She composes and produces music for film, video art, theater, dance and radio.