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By: Elfriede Jelinek
Staging: Nicolas Stemann

A Swedish girl is bombarded with hatred and malice online because she attracts people’s attention to the climate change; one of the richest men of the world is elected president of the USA, riding on the wave of an offensive display of rage; a young racist in New Zealand shoots dead forty worshippers and broadcasts his deed live on the Internet using the aesthetics of first-person-shooter games. All of these incidents took place long after Elfriede Jelinek wrote the play Rage, and yet it seems to be a commentary on them. Jelinek took her inspiration from the 2015 Paris attacks on the editorial board of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket. Stemann’s production completes and provides a foil to Jelinek’s many-voiced chorus of rage, by sounding out the boundaries between art, humour and satire: what jokes aren’t funny anymore, and why is this the case? Are irony and satire finished as instruments of the enlightenment? Rage is now the eighth collaboration between Elfriede Jelinek and Nicolas Stemann, who have formed something of an artistic elective community.


  • Zürich-Premiere: dates and venues to be announced

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