Moise and the World of Reason

Based on the novel by Tennessee Williams
Staging: Alexander Giesche

“We have not long to love” is the title of a poem by Tennesse Williams, the author who once said of himself that all he ever wrote were pleas for the fragile. Moise and the World of Reason was published five years after Williams, as the first great American author, publicly outed himself on a television show. It is about love and paralysis, the loss of innocence and the reawakening of desire. The narrator, a thirty-year-old writer suffering from an inflamed libido, writes his homoerotic desires in his diaries during the intoxication of a night. He seeks out the community of fags and butches, queens and queers, and women who love women to celebrate together the departure from the world of reason.

Alexander Giesche draws on the novel, which has never before been staged on a major stage, for his own personal farewell party from the world of reason. Giesche juxtaposes loneliness, exclusion and alienation with outburst, poetry and tenderness. Farewell? Yes, but not without a party.

Alexander Giesche
Stage design
Nadia Fistarol
Costume design
Felix Siwiński
Composition & Sound design
Ludwig Abraham
Video & Animation
Luis August Krawen
Bendix Fesefeldt
  • German premiere: 19. April 2024, Pfauen
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The 23/24 season of the Schauspielhaus Zürich will be special. Not only because it is the last season of Nicolas Stemann's and Benjamin von Blomberg's directorship, but also because the eight house directors are all returning to the house once again to work on new productions. In eight short videos, they talk about their plans.