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Before the Sky Falls - Schauspielhaus Zürich

Before the Sky Falls

After Macbeth by William Shakespeare using the translation by Angela Schanelec
Staging: Christiane Jatahy

Macbeth is the story of an ambitious tyrant at the heart of a network of macho men who are corrupt, violent and misogynistic. As such, Macbeth would appear to be the literary prototype of toxic masculinity, and his leadership a mirror for current authoritarian regimes all over the world. In Brazil, for example, which is the native country of Christiane Jatahy. In Before the Sky Falls, the director takes on the classic Shakespeare play, presenting us with men who are drunk on power and inclined to devour anything that seems weak, feminine or fragile… until the spirits of the Amazon summon the forest and fight back. Guided by the philosophy of the Yanomami, an indigenous people from the north of Brazil, Jatahy has the witches’ oracle pervading Macbeth’s sleep and the rainforest crowding the stage.

Known for her judicious blending of theatre and film, and familiar to Zurich audiences for previous works of hers performed at the Theaterspektakel, Christiane Jatahy is now coming to the Schauspielhaus to pursue her political theatre work with the house ensemble.

Additional program

Samstag, 30 October 2021, 5 pm

Artist talk with Davi Kopenawa, Christiane Jatahy and Julia Büsser im Pfauen Foyer
To the event and registration

Sunday, 14 November 2021 2021, 11:30 am:

Film screening of "The Last Forest" by director Luiz Bolognesi at Kino Riffraff

In Brazil, the homeland of the Yanomami population is under the threat from gold prospectors. Davi Kopenawa, a shaman and leader of the community, as well as the film’s co-writer, fights to preserve the land for the Yanomami’s future generations. Set in a luxuriant jungle where myth and reality blend together, The Last Forest is a real lesson on the meaning of resistance.

Christiane Jatahy
Artistic Collaboration, Stage and Light Design
Thomas Walgrave
Paula Henrike Hermann
Domenico Lancellotti
Director of Photography
Paulo Camacho
Julio Parente
Technical Development
Marcelo Lipiani
Light Master
Frank Bittermann
Production Management
Henrique Mariano
Bendix Fesefeldt
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Audience Development
Mathis Neuhaus
Theatre Pedagogy
Manuela Runge
Touring & International Relations
Björn Pätz
Production Assistance
Sultan Coban
Stage Assistiance
Karl Dietrich
Costume Assistance
Anna Michaelis
Direction Intern
Kaja Schranz
Stage Intern
Valeria Ballek
Costume Intern
Michelle Wanzenried
Eva Willenegger
Rita von Horváth
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In cooperation with CULTURESCAPES 2021 Amazonas
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Supported by Gesellschaft der Freunde des Schauspielhauses (gfs). In cooperation with Villa Patumbah. Christiane Jatahy is an associate artist of the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe, Centquatre-Paris, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Arts Emerson Boston and Piccolo Teatro de Milano. The company Vertice is sponsored by Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d'Île-de-France and Ministère de la Culture France.

  • 1h50 (no interval)
  • Premiere: 27 October 2021
  • Pfauen
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 29.10., 01.11., 4.11., 9.11., 10.11., 16.11., 25.11. and 29.11.
Wednesday 27.10. 20:00 Pfauen
  • Premiere
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