Conversations with Artists At Risk (AR)
Nr. 2 - Maryam Murawejzada

Maryame Murawejzada is an artist born in 1990 in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. After many years in which she had to leave Afghanistan repeatedly to spend years in exile in Iran, she has been living in Serbia since the fall of 2023, where she found temporary shelter in a small town near Belgrade thanks to the support of Artists at Risk (AR). There she was finally able to resume her artistic practice. After the first conversation with Barış Seyitvan, Murawejzada is the second artist Katinka Deecke has spoken to as part of the Conversations with Artists At Risk (AR) format.

published on 15. January 2024

Maryame Murawejzada


Show Notes

Recommandations by Maryam Murawejzada:

Osama by Siddiq Barmak

The Kite Runner by Marc Forster

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