Songhay Toldon

Als eine Momentaufnahme individueller Seh- und Hörgewohnheiten begleitet die Serie Hyperlinks das Ensemble auf ihren Wegen durch das Internet. Heute mit Songhay Toldon.

by Mathis Neuhaus
published on 08. April 2021

During the first two months of the lockdown I tried to carefully climb down a bit deeper into the rabbit hole called YouTube. Unfortunately I slipped and straight up fell down instead and got lost a few times.

On my way to climb back up I found these two guys by chance. They made me laugh. They made me think. They made me question things.

#OscarsSoWhite: Why is it so hard to acknowledge the talents of Black Hollywood?

Why have Black cowboys been erased from US history books?

I follow a girl on Instagram who does awesome staff and sword tricks.

So I bought myself a sword and decided to learn some staff spinning basics with this video.

When I moved to Zürich, I joined a martial art club called Arnis Club Zürich. Because of the pandemic, I wasn't at group practice in a long time. So, I started to watch videos about drills you can do alone. Obviously not as fun as group training when you have a partner, but it helps to stay in form.

This is a guy I met and trained Kung-Fu with back in the UK. He is trying to make the style popular. I miss sparring with him.

I am guilty of indulging in my fair share of video gaming. It is fun to connect with your friends in Austria and the UK via a group call and then play online together. Especially during this damn pandemic. So don't be too quick to judge and to all the people who think video games are just for kids: think again.

If you like Hip-Hop, meaning the music and culture, and want to learn about the history of Hip-Hop, how it started and how it had to struggle, I highly recommend this. Seriously though. Watch it. If you care.

And here is some more club(bing) history.

Feuer & Brot is a podcast by two women of whom one is Alice Hasters who wrote the book Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen, aber wissen sollten. It’s a good podcast. And it’s a great book. Read it. Or not. Up to you.

This podcast is dark sometimes. Like REAL dark. I didn't even listen to some of these stories (yet?) because the titles sound horrifying.

Something for dancing.

Something for the feels.

Something to get freaky with.

Something for the laughs.