by Mathis Neuhaus
published on 25. March 2021

I’ve been doing a study into the ‹Black Fantastic› art movement. I heard of post-black, but I was curious about how I can become more attuned to recognising it.


I found this extract which made me curious about going deeper:

«Scholar Richard Iton explored two ideas - the ‹Black fantastic› and ‹Post-Blackness›. Ideally, the Black fantastic is the source of ‹minor-key sensibilities› that provide a basis for a substantive post-colonial imaginary and politics. Post-Blackness, on the other hand, has been used to describe both artistic and popular identity movements that aim to lift the ‹burden of representation› from Black artists or Black people generally. I argue that although those who fashion Post-Blackness as a popular identity movement divest it of much of its subversive force, at least one type of artistic Post-blackness enables the Black fantastic.»

Points of Departure

"Window Seat": Erykah Badu, Projective Cultural Politics, and the Obama Era by Emily Lordi

Afrofutures of Cosplay: Deviance and DIY in Black Fantastic Performance by Tobias C. Van Veen

In Search of the Black Fantastic: Politics and Popular Culture in the Post-Civil Rights Era by Richard Iton

Post Fantastic Connections

A possible example of a Black Fantastic work

As well as doing my casual study, I also have a few things I would love to share

First is my favorite podcast

Here is a cool mix of Frank Ocean and Tame Impala

A cool interview by Octavia Butler

I do this workout every now and then :D

I've also been creative myself. I'll share a photo collages I made from painting and photos in my photo albums and a video I put together with a mix by Frank Ocean. It’s called Restless. A simple gesture towards intimacy and the longing to feel community and connectivity