Music for Theatre Lobbies

When Brian Eno released "Ambient 1: Music for Airports" in 1978, he wanted to produce music that makes the hectic and tense atmosphere of a non-place more pleasant; without the music ever becoming too overpowering or seeking too much attention.

We argue, of course, for the theatre’s lobby to be everything but a non-place, though certain airport dynamics remain. The lobby is a place of arrival and departure as well. It is where a staging begins and ends. Before the show, the audience arrives, hands over their coats to the cloakroom’s staff, maybe gets a drink and mingles for a while. Afterwards, the process repeats, but with a different state of knowledge. The talking might continue and intensify, some people will have another drink or two.

"Music for Theatre Lobbies" is a weekly mix-series that reacts to this observation: each mix is 90 to 120 minutes long and, even though running continuously, conceptually divided in a "before" and "after" the staging. The beginning of the mix is marked by a jingle, composed by Ludwig Abraham, one the theatre’s composers. Other than considering this simple framework, there are no limitations. Each mix provides a hand-crafted atmosphere by a diverse range of DJs, therefore eluding algorithmically generated playlists or generic soundscapes for something more personal and elaborate.

Over time, a SoundCloud archive will grow and we hope that the music will not only be played in our lobby, but also in your homes, during dinner parties or while cooking, reading, working or doing whatever else in solitude or company.