Several people writing

You may remember: at the beginning of this season, in our first season preview, we published a chat that engaged the eight new in-house directors in a conversation with each other. It was about positioning, stories of their backgrounds, wishes upon their arrival - and, essentially, also about the possibility to get to know one another. For the group that was forming then, was not yet a group. They were united by a common interest, a common vision, but not by a common work practice.

Today, beginning of May 2020, six regular months into this season and two months of corona-state-of-emergency later, we have repeated this chat. Again, to determine positions, but also to take a look back and into the future. And once again, the chat was an opportunity to meet further and again. For this group is still growing together; which indicates that also in this chat the internal compass calibrates itself. This is what it is all about.

That this chat is a testimony reflecting the becoming and shaping of an institution and might therefore be of public interest – has not convinced all these eight as much as the dramaturgy. Neither back then nor this time. Therefore, we have sought a democratic approach to this conflict: we have decided to publish the text and still allow the directors to remove their own words; and thus, reserve their voice and thoughts for a smaller circle. Alexander Giesche's wish was to proceed with his replicas accordingly. Hence, they remain part of the internal dialogue which we maintain, and which influences our thoughts on and practice of theatre. This way, the thoughts become explicitly identifiable for you. For example, in this chat: in the way it has been created, what it represents, and how it has been published.