Graham F. Valentine

After studies at Aberdeen and Zürich universities, during which time he founded a mime ensemble Bending Body Theatre, he briefly taught languages. In 1979 he went to Lecoq’s theatre school in Paris and got very excited at the idea of performing in as many languages and countries as possible. As a child he was sent to elocution lessons and knew how to operate the diaphragm: Throw out the lower ribs - let the breath away. In Zürich he got to know Christoph Marthaler and they performed together in the street and onstage. This developed further over the years, but first he gathered experience in the UK. Through his knowledge of languages and musical ability he got his hands on the rôle of Venerdì in Un rè in ascolto (Berio) in Graham Vick’s Covent Garden production and since then he has been working mainly as a theatre actor and “artiste lyrique” throughout Europe.