Dance-Tryptich (1/3): Songhay Toldon

erschienen am 10. Juni 2020


If you had to give a brief introduction to your solo – what would you say?

Songhay Toldon: One thing I’ve started to miss a lot during the lockdown was going to the club to dance till early in the morning. When I was still living in London, there was a certain party once a month which I hardly missed. Through this party, I’ve met and connected with many people who shared the same passion for dance and music. I found a similar party in Zurich.

This solo reflects my longing for the social club dance scene during the lockdown.

How did you as a dancer whose profession is movement experience the last months of immobility and standstill?

Songhay Toldon: Well, I couldn’t go to Dynamo to practise anymore and I can’t play loud music and jump up and down in my flat because I live on the first floor in an apartment building, so my priority has shifted from practising dance to practising martial arts and doing Pilates.

How did your body react on the halt?

Songhay Toldon: My body didn't really "halt" halt. What I’ve really started to miss though, is dancing in the club. So, I would say my mind reacted more to the halt rather than my body.

If you had to decide: is dance more a practice for mavericks or for social animals?

Songhay Toldon: Luckily, I don’t have to decide ;). People can be mavericks. Sure. But if you really want to grow (be it in dance or ANY other practice), you need other people to guide and teach you. Me personally, I can’t really decide for one or the other. Or rather, I don’t want to. Sometimes I love dancing with other people and sometimes I just want to dance alone and not be bothered. (Be it at a class or in the club.)

As a dancer: have you learned something from being in quarantine?

Songhay Toldon: I miss dancing, Instagram can be addictive, veggie burgers are damn tasty, people might learn but they hardly change.