The Threepenny Opera

By Bertolt Brecht

Music by Kurt Weill

Direction Tina Lanik / Set Designer Bettina Meyer / Costume Designer Heide Kastler / Musical director Polina Lapkovskaja
Cast Klaus Brömmelmeier, Isabelle Menke, Elisa Plüss, Jirka Zett, Fritz Fenne, Miriam Maertens, Christian Baumbach, Julian Lehr, Julia Kreusch, Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski, Johannes Hegemann, Svenja Koch, Katrija Lehmann, Lucas Riedle, Polina Lapkovskaja

Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum, Chef einer Bettlerplatte Klaus Brömmelmeier
Frau Peachum Isabelle Menke
Polly Peachum, ihre Tochter Elisa Plüss
Macheath, Chef einer Platte von Strassenbanditen Jirka Zett
Brown, Polizeichef von London Fritz Fenne
Lucy, seine Tochter Miriam Maertens
Trauerweidenwalter / Smith / Hure Christian Baumbach
Hakenfingerjakob / Bettler Julian Lehr
Spelunkenjenny, Hure Julia Kreusch
Münzmatthias / Filch / Alte Hure Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski
Sägerobert / Vixer Johannes Hegemann
Ede / Dolly Svenja Koch
Jimmy / Molly Katrija Lehmann
Pastor Kimball / Konstabler / Zweite Hure Lucas Riedle
Live music Polina Lapkovskaja
Piano, Harmonium, Celesta Sachiko Hara
Trompete 1 Matthias Spillmann / Bernhard Schoch
Trompete 2 Raphael Kalt / Fortunat Häfliger
Sopransaxophon, Altsaxophon, Klarinette 1, Flöte, kleine Flöte, Baritonsaxophon Wanja Slavin / Otto Hirte / Oscar Velásquez
Sopransaxophon, Tenorsaxophon, Klarinette 2, Fagott Florian Egli / Thierry Kuster
Posaune, Kontrabass Lukas Reinert / Marc Roos
Gitarre, Banjo, Cello, Hawaiigitarre, Bandoneon Matthias Lincke / Désirée Senn
Percussion Zoro Babel / Thomas Büchel
Direction Tina Lanik
Set Designer Bettina Meyer
Costume Designer Heide Kastler
Musical director Polina Lapkovskaja
Lighting Designer Frank Bittermann
Dramaturg Gwendolyne Melchinger
Assistant Director Clara Isabelle Dobbertin
Assistant Stage Designer Simon Sramek
Assistant Costume Designer Selina Tholl
Internship Direction Lucia Gugerli
Vocal Coaching Rea Claudia Kost, Niklaus Kost
Prompter Rita von Horváth
Stage Manager Michael Durrer
Theatre Education Anne Britting, Manuela Runge
Polly Peachum is in love. The universally feared king of crime, Macheath, known as Mack the Knife, has conquered her heart. They marry in secret – in a stable. The only trouble is that Polly’s father is none other than the businessman Jonathan Peachum, who capitalises on misery by sending healthy people onto the streets disguised as crippled beggars. He intends to bring Mack the Knife to the gallows for his deeds and thus wrest his daughter from her ill-fated relationship. However, he has not reckoned with Tiger Brown: the corrupt chief of police is Mack’s friend, and helps him to escape. But as everything can be bought with money and Mrs Peachum knows Mack’s favourite haunts, Polly has to try to turn the tables.
Brecht attained worldwide fame with his “Threepenny Opera” and Kurt Weill’s music, at the same time creating a new form of theatre for the stage. In the piece, he exposes the double standards of both bourgeois society and the criminal underworld, with its desire for respectability and prosperity. Both are based on the cold logic of money and are governed by the profits of capital.


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